Monday, March 21, 2016

Gesture Update


Sorry for the late post.  I'm working on the arc of the ending gesture, and am wondering if this is heading in the right direction of what we discussed in class.  I'd like to have him start to reach up to take a sip, but I worry about adding too many more frames.  Also wondering if the hold needs to be a little longer before his hand drifts down...trying to work with the frames I have.

Note - I have not worked on anything but the SL arm in this shot.

Thank you!


  1. Hi Jamey, I think the pattern/arc of the hand is looking good, but it's moving through the arc rather evenly. It would be better if you favored the pose on frame 162 to break up the timing more. You don't have time to bring the glass up towards his mouth, but you can start decelerating it sooner, so that it doesn't get as low. For instance, after frame 178 you could slow it down so that it only gets as far as 183.

  2. Oh, I'll give that a try. Thanks, Victor!


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