Sunday, March 13, 2016

block to spline: always a good time...

Hey all! I hope everyone is doing well!

Here's where I'm at with splining.  I want to make sure it's translating well from block.  That it feels the same, and has the same punch.  Aside from the terrible constraint popping on the forward arm, how's it looking?

Sync Sketch Link

Thank you in advance! Ellen

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  1. Hi Ellen, thanks for uploading. I feel like the timing on the accent "DJ" is too fast and intense, and needs to be broken up in the head and neck. From 88-125 the head stops and starts a lot, in sync with the eyes. I would smooth all this out so it's just a head drift, with the eyes doing most of the work. I like the new stuff with the comic book - feels really natural in the 1st half. The dropping away at the end doesn't feel right, though. Maybe keep it in frame? Split the difference? Also, have you tried having him look back to the camera at the end? Might be a little funnier, as if he is proud of that idea. worth a try. Keep going!


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