Sunday, January 31, 2016

Head Turn - 1st pass at spline

Hello all!

I'm excited for this new term and getting to know all of you!

I've started the head turn and worked it up to the first pass of splining.  I would just like to know if the poses are working and the timing is there.

And of course, does he have character.

Thank you in advance!

dropbox link

Head Turn: 1st Spline Pass

Hi there,

Well, here is my first spline pass.  It's very....spliney.  My intention is that a girl gets nervous as a cute guy sits next to her, so I'm hoping that reads.

Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Welcome to Winter 2016 session at Anim C!

Hi Class, I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night. Don't forget to have your demo reels ready if you're new to my class!

This is a private blog on which you can share your work with me and your classmates in between classes.  I encourage you to leave feedback for each other.  I will add comments as my schedule allows. 

Here is a compilation of my very first animation exercises at Pixar, back when I started in 2000.  I have some notes, do you?