Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cody - New Blocking

Hey Victor!

I've reworked my blocking again, trying to make the woman in front more concerned with St. Peter, and making the last line the biggest contrast between attitudes.

What do you think? Still inching along, or getting closer?

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  1. HI Cody, I think you're getting closer! A couple of suggestions: the front lady's attitudes on "how man husbands" (207) and "bring that up" (256) could be swapped. I say this because the 256 attitude feels upright and righteous, which is appropriate in this context, and the 207 feels more angry and spiteful, which is a side she would not want St. Peter to see. Therefore it would make sense to have the 207 attitude last before she tries to regain face with St. Peter. Make sense? Also, her look to screen right at 140 is throwing me. It should either be to St. Peter, the 2nd lady, or somewhere else to screen left, so it doesn't draw out attention out of the conflict. Same with the gesture on 162 - that gesture should be more clearly directed at Peter or the 2nd lady. In general, I suggest keeping her gaze on St. Peter or the other lady, except for when she is searching for what to say next or caught off guard, and smiling as much as possible, until the final outburst. Finally, there needs to be a beat of her looking at St. Peter, realizing she's been caught, before she goes in to the cute attitude.
    Looking good, keep going!


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