Sunday, April 3, 2016



I think I've addressed all notes (except for the eye lids being a little footbally toward the end, ran out of time) and the arms are still popping.  Other than that, I would love to get feedback to see if everything is working.  I'm down for nit picky things that will plus it.

Thank you in advance! Ellen

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  1. Hi Ellen, this shot is looking great. It's come a long way! I'll save the nitpickier stuff for class, but the 2 things that stood out for me:
    - The head movements from 11-38 are a bit too big, competing with the accent on "DJ". The easiest fix would be to take the pose on 27 and pull the head back to screen left more. See sketch.
    - The mouth is only closing for 1 frame on "luMBerjack". That MB needs at least 2 frames closed.


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