Sunday, April 3, 2016

Polishing Update


I've been addressing the notes on my lip sync, which I thiiiiink I've gotten in there.  I've also started on the eyelid shaping.

As I'm polishing, I'd really appreciate your guidance overall on anything in the shot that's really glaring at the moment.  Frames 83-100ish are also giving me some trouble, in the eyes.  I'm going for a slow look up, but right now you can see the irises widening too much.  O_o

**Oh, and I just realized the cup isn't lined up with his lip in the beginning, along with a hitch in the arc as the elbow extends from his mouth, which I'll be fixing!

Thank you in advance!


  1. Hi Jamie, looking really good. The lipsync on "I don't think unadopting is the right word" feels a little busy and swimmy. I'd like you to favor the sneering mouth shape on 118 through this section. You could almost hold his mouth in this pose (with slight movement in the jaw for the vowels, tongue for the "th", closed lips for the "p") and just go into and "er" shape on "Right" and "woRD". Hope that makes sense.
    The blink on 65 feels a bit mechanical. Do the close in 2 frames, and make sure to fast in to the closed shape. Hold closed for 2 frames.
    The eye direction change at 112 looks weird because the expression is changing too. Try adding a blink here to break it up.
    The brow change from 166-171 is getting lost in the head move. Move it earlier or later, and make it a bit sharper.
    Keep going!


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