Saturday, April 9, 2016

Notes addressed.

Hi Victor,

I got around to do your notes, I still have to do another pass on the lids and I'm not completely convinced on what is going on with the hands.

Is the ending part working better now with the beats?
Should I put a little bit of overlap in the hair?
I'm looking for more polishing notes if you have time.

Thank you

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  1. Hi Giuliana, thanks for adding the bottle, I think that helped with the reveal. I wouldn't worry about overlapping the hair just yet. Maybe a little while he's brushing, but save that for last. The first half is working well but the 2nd half is getting a little mushy, and the beats aren't as distinct as I'd like. For instance, head tilt from 114-130 is slow and even, and it bleeds right into the smile. I would start it sooner and make it shorter in time. At 147 a bunch of things start happening at the same time: his eyes shift, his face starts to compress, and the head moves. All this muddies his thought process. I would start with the eye shift, take out the face compression (it feels like an antic to the sigh) and delay the head move a few frames.
    Other random notes: the smile needs to be pushed a bit more. It's reading like "meh" instead of a half-smile. Screen left upper lid is too s-shaped around 143. From 159-170 the mouth is dropping but nothing else is changing. Keep the mouth tense until the sigh starts. For the last pose try to pull the lower lids and pupils down further. 171-179 - the swelling in the sides of the chest is too fast and distracting. Tone it way down.

    Looking good!


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