Monday, February 15, 2016

New Assignment: Acting choices ideas

Hey all! I hope you all had a great 3 day weekend!

So here are a couple acting ideas I would love some feedback on.

3c: Closeup Dialog

dialogue #1

A guy in community college about to graduate his 2yrs thinks hopefully/wistfully about becoming a DJ.  When looking at his friends and their reaction (going internally), he throws out being a lumberjack, dejected.

It would be a subtle emotion change, but I like the idea of him going internally and seeing how he comes to the idea that his idea is "stupid"

3g: Listening

dialogue #2

The one listening is the speakers wife.  Annoyed at first (she's heard this all before),  agreement (yes, always the same thing. yes, you are annoying),  aghast (he's about to pick apart her annoyances?!), agreement, (yep, so what).

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.  If you think that the audios would be better suited for one of the other choices, please let me know.  Anything you can suggest to enhance each of these would be appreciated as well!

Thanks in advance! Ellen

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  1. Hi Ellen, thanks for uploading. Of the two I like #1 the best. Make sure you get specific about where he is and what he is doing while he's in this conversation. The dialog is a little long (a second more than I'd like) but I don't see any good way to trim it more, so hopefully keeping the shot contained will make it more manageable.

    #2 is a fun idea, but there's so much energy in the read that I would expect the listener to be lower energy by contrast, which may not be terribly entertaining, and there's no time to see her reaction to "gassy".


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