Friday, February 5, 2016

Cody - Polish + New Idea

Hey Victor!

I did some polish on the little cowboy shot and addressed the notes you gave me. Here's the syncsketch link:

I'm also trying to figure out what to do for my physical shot. I looked back at the old one I started with you last class, and I think I like it, but I also found a really nice piece of dialogue that I think could be really fun to animate a physical character to.

Old shot IP:

New Dialogue:

Whatever we decide, I'll be able to make a lot of progress this weekend. Thanks for the help!

- Cody


  1. Hi Cody,
    The cowboy kid looks good. I added some notes about brow and lid shaping.
    I still like the IP pantomime shot, though there are plenty of outstanding notes on it! The dialog clip is fun; I have animated to it before with a Car, and I showed the class during the 1st week - did you see it last class? I'm curious to know how you plan to stage the dialog. Either shot should be good. Your choice!

  2. Hi Cody,

    Your kid shot is looking great! I really like your work in progress shot with the guy and the girl, too. Such a fun shot!

  3. Hi Cody,
    I know that this is not voting, but I think your IP shot is amazing.

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  5. Hey Cody! I really do like your IP. It has fun personality and character. There are some things you can tighten, but of course it is work in progress. I do however, like the audio. Only because you can do fun hand gestures to add to his personality which i'm sure you'll have no problem with. Sorry not much help. I will say, it would be nice to see the IP finished, it would be a great addition to your reel.
    Nice work!


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