Monday, February 15, 2016

Ideas and Revisions

Hi everyone,

My mother's better!  Yay!  (My motherboard/computer).  :P

Below are 2 audio clips that I like for the next assignment along with a pantomime idea, and a revision to my Emotion Change shot from last week.

1) Audio - "We've Had A Good Run" - Closeup Dialogue, Choice 3c

I'd like to animate the guy speaking to his son, who is off screen, perhaps at a restaurant.  There is an obvious clink in a glass, so I imagine he'd be holding a drink as a prop.

2) Audio - "I'm Un-adopting You" - 2-Person Dialogue, Choice 3d

This clip is from the same conversation as my first audio, but I thought either could be fun.  I picture a similar scenario as the other, but it could be fun to animate this as a 2-Person scene.

 3) Pantomime - Personal Routine, Choice 3e

Since Victor said no one hardly does this option, I thought it could be fun, but what do I do that would be interesting?  I have lots of cats, and almost every night when getting into bed, one of them is smack dab in the middle, leaving me no room.  I'm sure people with pets know exactly what I'm referring to...

I don't necessarily want to kick my cat off, so I get in bed and under the covers very strategically so as not to totally disturb her.  I thought this would be an interesting challenge of body mechanics with some entertainment that people with pets can relate to.

4) Emotion Change Revision

I hope this is looking better!  The character now inches back a little, nervously, as suggested in class, and I've gotten a bit more into the polishing stage.

Thanks in advance for any notes or comments.


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  1. Hi Jamie, thanks for posting all this! I think I like #2 the best. #1 feels a bit rushed, without much time for thought process. #2 has some nice pauses for drinking, thinking etc. I don't think it needs to be 2-person, though. It might be best to focus on one so you can complete the shot by the end of the class. You could do the son as an over-the-shoulder just for clarity.

    The emotion change revision looks good. I'll give you some notes on Wednesday. See you then!


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